A Day at the Movies

A short game about stealth, movies and friendship.

The game runs best/has fewer audio issues when running in Chrome.


WASD/Arrow Keys to move
J is the "Primary Button"
K is the "Secondary Button"
to advance text

If You Get Stuck In The Lobby

Once inside the lobby, the movie entrance is on the far side of the left hallway. Hug the "walls" (don't worry, you can't fall off the edges) and you'll hit it!

How It Was Made

A Day at the Movies was made in Rust with the Bevy game engine
The source code can be found on GitHub here
It was made in one week for the 2021 Rusty Jam
Check out the submission page here and the other submissions here

AuthorMichael Ramirez
Made withRust
Tags3D, bevy, rust, Short, Stealth
Average sessionA few minutes

Development log

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