Doing Chores and Killing Bugs

Try to not get overwhelmed keeping up with chores and the waves of bugs invading your home. Every chore you complete gives you a new power up to use against the bugs.

Different kinds of bugs are susceptible/immune to different kinds of weapons!

Note: This game is still somewhat in development so there are a couple unintentional bugs.


This game was primarily designed for an Xbox/Steam Deck style controller but the settings default to be more mouse-oriented. You can adjust settings in the pause menu (I like setting X/Y sensitivity to 1.5 for controllers and 0.2 for mouse)


Left Joystick - Move
Right Joystick - Look
A button - Do chores and select settings
B button - Reset weapons back to hands
L1 Button - Change Left hand weapon
R1 Button - Change Right hand weapon
L2 Trigger - Left Hand Attack
R2 Trigger - Right Hand Attack
Start/Menu - Pause

Keyboard and Mouse:

WASD - Move
Mouse - Look
Left Click - Left Hand Attack
Right Click - Right Hand Attack
Number 1 Key - Change left hand weapon
Number 2 Key - Change left hand weapon
E key - Do chores
F key - Reset weapons back to hands
Enter - Select settings
Escape - Pause


You might be unable to play if your trackpad doesn't allow you to left click and right click at the same time

Known Issues

If playing in browser, the game may not capture the mouse which means at some point you can't turn in a direction anymore. This doesn't occur in the downloadable executables

There's an issue with leaving the game, I forgot to clear the camera so...
Hitting Pause and going to the Title Screen doesn't clear the screen. If you're trying to exit, once you hear music hit Down and then Enter (effectively selecting Exit on the Title Screen that is hidden from view)

The above happens on the game over screen if you select quit. If you select retry, it will either crash, perform poorly or look OK.


This game was made with the Bevy engine across ~48 non-consecutive hours for the first Charlotte Developers Game Jam. The jam rules require using this art kit.

I reused music from my previous games and I also used the A button from Kenney's input prompt art pack

Published 28 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorMichael Ramirez


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