Doing Chores and Killing Bugs (Version 2.0)

Try to not get overwhelmed keeping up with chores and the waves of bugs invading your home. 

Different kinds of bugs are susceptible/immune to different kinds of weapons!

Playing with a Gamepad is highly recommended! Note: The browser version has a couple graphical limitations and also may not correctly lock your cursor. The downloadable executables are the recommended way of playing this game.


This game was primarily designed for an Xbox/Steam Deck style controller but the settings default to be more mouse-oriented. You can adjust settings in the pause menu (I like setting X/Y sensitivity to 2.3 for controllers and 0.2 for mouse)


Left Joystick - Move 
Right Joystick - Look
A button - Do chores and select settings
L1 Button - Change to previous weapon
R1 Button - Change to next weapon
L2 Trigger - Left Hand Attack
R2 Trigger - Right Hand Attack
Start/Menu - Pause

Keyboard and Mouse:

WASD - Move Mouse - Look
Left Click / Right Shift - Right Hand Attack
Right Click / Left Shift - Left Hand Attack
Spacebar - Attack with both hands at once
Tab - Change Weapon
Left Square Bracket - Change to previous weapon
Right Square Bracket - Change to next weapon
F key - Do Chores
Enter - Select settings
Escape - Pause


It's a bit tougher to play with a trackpad. I recommend using the spacebar and just attacking with both hands or tap to attack with the right hand and using left shift to attack with the left hand.

Known Issues

Again, if playing in browser, the game may not capture the mouse which means at some point you can't turn in a direction anymore. This doesn't occur in the downloadable executables. The shadows also are a lot nicer in the downloadable executables.


This game was made with the Bevy engine initially across ~48 non-consecutive hours for the first Charlotte Developers Game Jam. The jam rules require using this art kit.

After the jam I spent the next month updating it, so the current version is "version 2.0" I reused music from my previous games and I also used input graphics from Kenney's input prompt art pack


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