Go Tower Go

Go Tower Go is a racing game where the objective is to outlast the competition. Racers will need to strategically place their towers and dodge attacks from their opponents' towers while also staying at the front of the pack. Towers cost 4 credits to create and racers earn more credits based on what place they're in when they complete a lap. 

This game was made entirely in Rust using the wonderful Bevy game engine and is my submission for the 4th Bevy game jam! The theme of the jam was "That's a LOT of entities!"

I hope you enjoy it and let me know your thoughts in the comments! Also, check out the other games in the jam! Please read the Notes section below for suggestions on how best to run the game.

Notes/Known Issues

This game runs best if you're using the downloadable executables and using a gamepad. I highly recommend using those if you're able, although it can be played in a browser.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND USING THE DEFAULT SETTINGS

If you're playing in a browser, the game runs better in Chrome versus Firefox. There are a few graphic settings to tweak if you have a more powerful machine. Note: The extra entities option is no joke, be careful! 

There are occasional audio glitches, I tried to minimize them as much as I could but they may still occur. They can be a little unpleasant so I do apologize if you encounter this 🙏😔

Occasionally you may see the place indicator show the incorrect place for your kart, but it should correct quickly and won't affect the credits you receive when finishing a lap. 

It's possible to be hit and pushed through the track, but you'll be placed back on shortly. 



A -  Steer Left ⬅️

D - Steer Right ➡️

Up Arrow - Gas ⛽

Down Arrow - Brake 🛑

Space - Spawn Tower 🏰


Joystick - Steering ⬅️➡️

South Face Button - Gas ⛽

East Face Button / Right Bumper - Brake 🛑

Left Bumper - Spawn Tower 🏰

Special Thanks

Leafwing Studio's input manager crate for making dealing with inputs easier

NiklasEi's bevy_kira_audio crate for making dealing with audio easier

Jondolf's xpbd crate for all the physics.

jakobhellermann's bevy-inspector-egui crate for making debugging easier

nicopap's bevy-scene-hook crate for inspiration for adding components to gltfs waaay easier

bonsairobo's smooth-bevy-cameras crate for helping during debugging

Andrewp2's bevy-camera-shake crate for legit camera shaking

komadori's bevy-mod-outline crate for making cool outlines on meshes

Bluefinger's bevy_turborand crate for making dealing with random numbers easier

SecretPocketCat for egging me on and sharing the profits of the inevitable Netflix series.

devil_ira for helping me figure out the math for the karts orientation so that they look right while moving on slopes!

Also, special thanks to everyone in the Bevy discord for being so cool and friendly!


Go Tower Go was made in one week by me, Michael Ramirez. With the exception of the controller image shown on the gamepad controls screen (from here), I did the programming, modeling, animation, texturing, logo design using Canva, music composition (one new track and reused two from another game I made), sound effects and game design, so feel free to direct your complaints and criticisms to me in the comments section below 👍. 

Source code can be found here

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorMichael Ramirez
GenreRacing, Action
Tagsbevy, Indie, Low-poly, Short, Singleplayer, Tower Defense
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)


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JamEntry_go_tower_go_v1.0.3_macOS.dmg 38 MB
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go_tower_go_v1.0.4_windows.zip 20 MB
go_tower_go_v1.0.4_macOS.dmg 38 MB
go_tower_go_v1.0.4_linux.tar.gz 21 MB

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