A snake game but in 3D and you're the food! Also, there's other food

Are you curious about Bevy?? Please read before playing!!
This was the first game I made in Bevy and the second game I ever made and I really didn't know what I was doing at the time. I started it when Bevy was on version 0.4 and the current playable build is running on version 0.7.

Bevy is now on 0.12, so this game is pretty dated.. however, I've noticed it gets a lot of daily traffic and I suspect it's because it was an early Bevy game. While I hope you enjoy the game, please don't take this as a current indication of what Bevy can do. There are many amazing games and the Bevy Jam entries (#4 #3 #2 #1)  are great examples of what developers have been creating in short time spans.

Important Please read!!
Some players have reported a visual bug that causes the screen to flash occasionally when running the game in the browser on certain devices. If flashing lights affect you negatively please be careful playing this game.

Also note: initial loading of assets takes a few seconds during which you may just see a black screen.


    WASD/ArrowKeys to move
    K is Action (Enter works for advancing text but not Action in-game)
    Escape to pause

The game performs better in the downloadable executables. The browser version works best on Chrome. It might take a few moments to load but it should work. If the game isn't picking up keyboard input try clicking within the game a couple times, especially after fullscreening. Also, sometimes the audio crackles or plays twice as fast in the browser.

ALSO, sometimes the credits don't display at all in the browser which causes just a black screen after you beat the game while the credits music plays.

You can watch the credits here

Let me know if you run into issues in the comments!

Gamepads are supported in the downloadable executables (D-Pad is recommended over Analog sticks!).  If your gamepad isn't working, try quitting the game, unplugging the controller, restarting the game and then plugging the controller in.

Other Known Issues
Sometimes the game crashes or hangs on launch while trying to load assets. If this happens, try running the game again.

Please please let me know what you think in the comments! What was cool? What did you hate? Were you bored? Where did you rage quit? Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(17 total ratings)
AuthorMichael Ramirez
Tags3D, Arcade, bevy, rust, rust-lang, Short, snake


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Very cool


good game

This was fun and funny! Well done. Hope to see more.

Thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed it! I have a couple other games like USA Football League Scouting Combine XLV and Adore's Antiques which are similar levels of fun and funny.


This is great! Simple but very novel concept. Clever level design. Graphics very clear, just what it needs. And cute, yes.

I love the music as well - who made it? Have you got a link to their soundcloud or something?

Thank you so much, that really made my day!

I made the music myself, it's something I want to get better at and making music for my games is fun. I've made music for all my games except ¿Quién es el Mechaburro? (I'm updating that game soon and including my own music), but I don't have a soundcloud, never thought of making one 🤔, I'm glad you liked it though!

Can I ask how you found my game?


Amazing! Yes I love the music, very cool.

I can't remember exactly how I found the game, but I think it was because I was looking at Bevy and trying some examples - maybe I did a search in GitHub for Bevy?


Nice game! You should upload your music! I enjoyed the theme from the level right after you mentioned the 50camera mistakes GDC talk.

Btw your game is #3 with the bevy tag, I was redirected over from their website.

Thank you for playing! I decided to make a soundcloud just to throw stuff up there, but it turns out I made one a long time ago haha


it's not the username I'd choose now but eh 🤷

I like Not Snake, I think it has potential.. but, I suspect it's high up on the list of Bevy-tagged games because it was among the first Bevy-tagged games. Bevy is the best, you should check out other games too!!

I think the track you were talking about was this one? https://soundcloud.com/user0153/organ

this was really fun! i really liked the narration and the gameplay. i got frustrated at the last level because the snake kept eating the orbs and then i had to restart lol

Is it open source? And what version of bevy it use? :-)

cute and charming

wow this game amazing

this was really fun! I especially liked the writing a lot :3

 glad you enjoyed it! how far did you get??

the whole way baby ^^

I'm so happy to have found this! Great game, it was entertaining all the way to the finale.

It may be a coincidence, but it seems to me that there is a bug with the pathfinding algorithm - on the last level I intuitively closed the passageway for the snake with a moveable cube. and the moment i did this fps dropped to almost zero and graphical artifacts began, fixed it by picking cube back up, so it's not a big deal.

It's so addictive by itself to watch a snake seeking the way to food in 3D,  I started the game again and stood in the corner just to see it. Was totally surprised that when snake finally locks himself in, it blinks and disappears, just like in the original game. This doesn't seem to have been fully tested, as there are invisible colliders left of the snake and i wasn't been able to finish that level afterwards, but it was a lot of fun.

Thanks for the game!

first, thank you for playing! Glad you enjoyed it :)

there is a bug with the pathfinding algorithm

hah, there's actually a couple bugs with the path finding 😅 I wanted to really timebox my work on this game since it was my first "big" game and kinda learn from the experience, so there were a few items that I had to make the tough choice on whether to address or not.

The one related to the snake death behaves differently depending on the level because depending on the level, the snake has different targets. When it's chasing the player and dies, it will sometimes get choppy as it tries to find a path that works and gets stuck in a loop. If  you wait, it should break out of it and play the death animation.

The other problem that you noticed is sometimes when a snake dies it doesn't update the level's layout correctly and you end up with essentially invisible snake parts all over the place. This one is a little trickier because it's somewhat related to the way the systems order their execution, somewhat related to the position of the snake when it dies and also just bad timing.

on the last level I intuitively closed the passageway for the snake with a moveable cube

Yes! This is a sorta subtle strategy; I've watched several players play and not realize those blocks are movable. I was hoping it would be something like that where some players it clicks as a shortcut like an "a-ha!" moment. It's unfortunate that it can kill the snake and cause that choppiness to briefly appear though.

I'm hoping to re-visit this game in the coming months to add some more features, fix more bugs and add more levels as a version 2.0. Check out my other game,A Day at the Movies if you haven't; it was made as part of a game jam so it's not quite as polished but players have found it enjoyable as well.

Again, thanks for playing and for sharing your thoughts, it's greatly appreciated!

Loved it!

The gameplay is very solid. I loved the narrator voice and its meta-commentary. Great comedy in both aspects. The audio was a little bit choppy in the web version though. Apart from that, keep up the amazing work!

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I'm hoping in future games I can fix audio issues; it works well in the downloads and isn't too bad for me in Chrome.


I am very satisfied with the quality of this product. The mice are a convenient size and they are fresh. The bag is hermetically sealed. The mice will keep a long time if kept hard frozen.

thank you for your kind words and advice

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Adam Millard make a video about this game and why it is awesome and important… That was fun

Pretty cool game!

Thank you! Hope to officially release it soon with all the content done